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SOSafe offers partners a suite of consumer-focused digital products bringing convenience, security and peace of mind




Digital card loss reporting service

The SOSafe digital service will enable consumers to report loss or theft of any or all payment cards, via their bank. Consumers will not have to register and card information is pre-populated using API-driven data feeds. The service is designed to integrate seamlessly and easily with partner portals and mobile banking apps. 

Card fraud: Lost and stolen payment cards put billions of pounds at risk to fraud, globally each year. Telephone-based reporting processes – with customers expected to remember answers to a string of questions – is slow, frustrating and stuck in the pre-internet age. 

SOSafe: Our digital card loss reporting service is set to become the industry standard for one-stop shop card loss reporting. The service offers a fast, frictionless consumer experience, reducing inconvenience and financial exposure.

Our partners: SOSafe’s digital card loss reporting service enables businesses in the Financial Services Industry to reduce operational costs,  improve their customers' experience and reduce fraud through speed of reporting.


The team behind SOSafe


Michael Norton

Michael is a serial entrepreneur and experienced senior online payments director. He was the founder of Ukash and 2020 Solutions as well as Managing Director and International Director at PayPoint Plc.


Commercial Director
Richard Beaton

Richard is a commercially-driven business & technology leader. He is the founder of two start-ups and spent 10 years at Hewlett-Packard, where he was the commercial front door between HP and the UK Government on multi-million-pound outsourcing contracts.



Chief Financial Officer
Roger Hand

Roger qualified with PWC and brings over 20 years executive experience gained within financial services, payments and fintech and has helped start and lead several innovative startups through critical funding rounds and on to exit.


Chief Technical Officer
Asher Glynn

Asher has been in the IT industry for over 2 decades, specialising in distributed systems and scaling problems. With experience from tiny startups to large enterprises, Asher has a pragmatic, no nonsense approach to business.



Strategic Advisor
Richard Johnson

Richard is a specialist in the convergence of financial services and digital.  His experience combines 20 years in strategic, operational and leadership roles at some of the UK’s leading financial services brands, with 10 years as global strategy, insight and propositions lead at Monitise.



Head of Strategic Partnerships
Paul McCarthy

Paul is a Business Manager with 25 years’ experience within IT, software and outsourcing services and an impressive track record developing and managing global sales organisations and major accounts.



Digital Product Owner
Benjamin Rodd

Ben is a digital transformation and customer experience specialist with 25 years’ experience in delivering successful and award-winning mobile, online and interactive products.



Product and Market Specialist
Darcy Ogston

Darcy is responsible for the strategy, roadmap, and feature definition of the SOSafe family of products. Working with SOSafe’s technical, commercial and marketing teams, he is key in ensuring the business meets both its business and technical goals.



Founder and Chairman
Hamish Ogston

Hamish is the founder of a number of successful ventures over more than four decades, including CPP, with which he was involved for over 30 years until 2013. This business operated in 16 countries, serving 12.8m customers with payment card protection, identity protection and mobile phone insurance.





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